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tv   Today  NBC  May 17, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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. back now with more of "today" on a monday morning. the 17th day of may, 2010. our crowd right now enjoying the tail end of what was some unbelievably nice weather her in the northeast over the weekend. going to turn a little bit worse than this over the next several days. but that's all right. we've got time. >> comeback for the weekend. >> yes. >> you already know that. >> i do. >> doppler, 1,000. and out on the plaza, matt lauer with al roker and tam run haryns filling in for natalie today. an emotional weekend at the university of virginia after yardley love was murdered. the team took the field for the first time. a recap of how that went.
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also, some alarming new research shows that pesticides commonly found on fruits and vegetables may actually lead to an increased risk of adhd in children. our chief medical editor dr. nancy snyderman is going to be along to give parents the information they need on that. and in case you're buying your first home, it can be overwhelming with all of the things you have to do. barbara corcoran is here with the five most commonly asked questions including how do you know you're getting a good deal and how do you lower your closing costs. >> wow. a daunting task. but it won't cost you as much as buying a new home. buying a computer. you guys good with this kind of thing? oh. >> no, al is good. >> i am not. you go to a computer store. you don't know what you need. do you pay more if it doesn't get you more. do you buy your kid the cheapy or buy something that will last a long time. lap tops, desk tops, consumer reports works for us.
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>> including the ipad. >> let them know what they say on that. before going further, ann is standing by with the newsdesk headlines this morning. hi, ann. >> hi, matte it, thanks so much. new concerns that oil in the massive leak in the gulf of mexico is making its way up the atlantic coast. scientists say the computer model show oil could bring it around the current and up the eastern sea boards. british petroleum has succeeded in containing some of the oil by siphoning it in a mile long tube up to a tanker. flights resuming at two major airport s after delays ovr the weekend because of the ash cloud spewing from a volcano in iceland. there are delays in europe and wide spread delays. an emotional weekend at the university of virginia where teammates of murdered lacrosse player yardley love return to the field for the first time. peter alex ander had more now. good morning to you.
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it's been a heart breaking month on the university of virginia campus. first, of course, the tragic death. then murder charges against another student, a student athlete. and this weekend, yardley love's teammates earned what was a bittersweet win in what the coach acknowledged was probably more than just a game. >> reporter: a moment of silence sunday for murder victim yardley love. number 1 on the lacrosse field and number one in the hearts of university of virginia teammates and fans. ♪ bright stars >> reporter: for sunday's ncaa tournament game, the first since the 22-year-old's tragic death two weeks ago, the cavaliers wore t-shirts in her memory and played with a constant reminder of the friend they lost. >> dodges and scores. >>. >> reporter: in the stands, love's mother and sister, cheering them on as well, the top-ranked men's team who returned to competition saturday
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also honoring love. >> 6-0, cavaliers. >> reporter: their former teammate, george huguely, love's former boyfriend behind the bars for murder and could face the death penalty. the child of privilege from maryland admitted that the night of her death, he knock in the door and shook her, reportedly knocking the senior's head against the wall. huguely's lawyer says it was a terrible accident. the men ran away with it and won. on saturday afternoon, the game was tied. when love's mom and sister moved down toward the field, the cavaliers rallied for a win. and after it was over, this moving tribute. then one by one, the team gave yardley love's mom a hug and the official ball from the game her daughter should have been a part of. >> put a presence on the field when we play together and move
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out there together. >> the woman's team competes again next weekend one day before yardley love would have graduated. ann? >> peter alexander. thank you. this morning, space shuttle "atlantis" is performing the first of three space walks repairing a antenna on the international space station. ironman ii kept an ironclad hold on the box office. earning $53 million in the u.s. and canada. "robin hood" in second and "letters to juliet." five minutes past the hour. back outside to matt and tamryn. >> i saw you with russell crow and the gold speedo. >> lemee? >> i wasn't wearing it. >> for some reason, i thought it was. >> you connect the dots in the wrong way. don't go there. >> that's the last installment of the harry potter -- "matt lauer and the golden thong." i remember that one. these young ladies -- where are you from? >> say new jersey. >> new jersey.
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>> you're going to the american girl store there. wow. mom and dad -- >> i'm not mom. >> you'll be out of there for $1,000. it will be fantastic. check your weather. see what's happening. all the rain working its way up the mid atlantic coast. heavy rain, the risk of strong storms today along the mid atlantic and southeastern atlantic coast. throughout west texas, isolated tornadoes possible in parts of the texas panhandle. a lot of heavy wind from ocean city, maryland down to orlando. >> it is going to be a rainy start to the work week. off and on rainshowers likely, especially into the afternoon. an unseasonably cool monday.
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and that's your latest weather. ann? >> thank you. could some of the foods you give your kids as a healthy alternative be hurting them? there's some alarming new research out there this morning that shows pesticides found in common kid-friendly foods may lead to an increased risk of adhd in children. abc's chief medical director dr. nancy snyderman is here with details. nancy? my lord. talking about a lot of fruits and vegetables. common pesticides approve bid the government over 40 years. you and i and our children think of the first generation of this big agribusiness. we have come away from the family farmer that didn't use anything. now we have big produce, a lot of expectations, and frankly, we have a lot of pesticides in our
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foods, in the runoff, in the air we breathe, and this is a link, not a cause and effect, but a real association between otherwise normal kids, residue in their urine, and those children diagnosed with adhd, more of this organophosphate than others. it's a call now to look at foods we feed our kids. >> may be a call for the government to revisit to allow whether this particular -- i know this is not your area. >> it's a big -- that's a big group of chemicals. and i think it's a call for us to go back and look at how we consume food. eat locally if possible. eat things in season. if it isn't in season, perhaps you shouldn't be eating it at all. i personally, and i know this isn't for everyone, i look very carefully at where foods come from. and if they're from certain countries where i think there may be more lax regulations, i just skip them. >> when we talk about the foods, we should be specific. we're trying to encourage
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parents. >> talking fruits and vegetables. >> we're encouraging parents to give their kids more fruits and vegetables and hearing about the great benefits of having berries. they're vulnerable. >> frozen blueberries, 27% had some residue. 25% of fresh strawberries. we have to take this in to context. should you stop eating fruits and vegetables -- no. but is it a concern that we are consuming this in any quantities? the answer is yes. can we make it go away tomorrow? no. but if you have a child who it looks like he or she is having some of the symptoms of adhd, look at what you're feeding your kids. the interesting thing about organophosphates is they're neurotoxic to insects. that's how they kill them. so if they're neurotoxic to insects, what do they do to the developing brain? and i don't think we have all of the answers to that. >> and what -- and so people who might be watching this and who are concerned -- i think we talked about kids, what about adults. how long -- do we know how long
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these particular pesticides have been used? and could actually people -- adults have got adhd who maybe not diagnosed be affected in a way. >> looking at a post world war ii thing here. a lot of us like to say we sort of have add or adhd. for most adults, there's pretty clear criterion for diagnosis. and a lot of adults have slipped through the cracks before. but you have to have trouble concentrating. just getting through tests. sometimes adults hyperfocus. they get distracted by the little things. they get in something they really love, they're hyperfocused. they don't have the same hyperactivity as children, but a lot of times the adults who deal with adhd will be drawn to businesses where they can adapt, television is a perfect one, and frankly, surgery is a perfect one. you can hyperfocus or you can go boom, boom, boom -- >> but the broader question when it comes to the toxins is -- you know, obviously we have to think
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about buying organic which, by the way, is more expensive. >> absolutely true. >> but is this stuff cumulative. if we stop giving our kids -- if we see our kids have adhd or we ourselves are exhibiting some of the symptoms of adhd and get checked out. will not eating the foods help us? >> that's the million dollar question. job if anybody knows. the concern is it may not take enough -- it may not take too much to sort of alter the developing brain. but if you take it away, you suddenly mend something? and i don't think anybody knows the answer to that. but if you're concerned at all. remember, if you can peel a fruit or vegetable, you're ahead of the game. because these toxins stay in the covering. so peeling an apple if you're concerned is going to be better than eating the strawberry if you don't know the origin. if you do know the origin or you're shopping at a farmer's market this summer, ask, do you use pesticides, how do you grow these? you have every right to ask of
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your grocer, whether it's a big grocer or small, where does this come from and can you guarantee their safety. >> good point to leave on. dr. nancy schneiderman. as always, trying to help us. lap top, desk top, ipod. the choices are endless. how to choose the best computer for the best price. coming up next. and for the homeowner, what you need to know before signing on the dotted line after this. ♪
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this morning, buying your first home, the whole process can be bewilder egg and hard to know if you're geing the best deal. barbara corcoran is here to help you move into your dream home. good morning. >> good morning, al. >> the first-time home buyer, it's got to be daunting. what's the biggest mistake people make? >> first-time home buyers make the same mistake again and again. they go in over their head and they drown. the smartest thing is before you go out looking for the house is to decide one simple number, how much can i afford to pay every month. >> how do you determine that? >> figure in the number. what's comfortable for you in the budget.
9:16 am
that's what you can afford in real estate taxes and mortgages. take that to a mortgage broker or real estate agent and say how much house does that buy me? period. >> how do i know the house i'm looking at is a good deal. >> every single buyer out there, particularly a first time out, is afraid of overpaying for that house. so what you have to do is you have to get your hands around the facts. the facts you want is what have the last three homes sold for. they're called comparables. if you can get them on-line through a big website or get them from your real estate broker or hire an appraiser for $300 and get that number too. >> you have to do homework. >> you have to for the fact, not the fiction. >> what's the least amount of cash i'll need to buy my first home. >> most people have to have roughly 25% of the purchase price. if you're asking the least amount, get in there for as little as 15%. if you have an fha mortgage, 3% downpayment with closing costs
9:17 am
of 4% totals 7%. that's the rock bottom. >> is that a good idea or -- better to put down 25%? >> well, of course. if you have a lot of cash in your pockets, you want to put down as much as you can and pay little -- less per month. but the fact on first homes, very often people are strapped for cash. >> a lot of folks have to deal with credit scores as well. how can you quickly improve the credit score. >> the thing is while you're shopping for the home, you can do a few quick things that will make a difference in the loan rate you'll get. one is get a credit record and see what the score is. the second thing you can do is really a don't do. you should never buy large appliances, new car, anything like that while shopping for a home. it will hurt your credit score immediately. you should never reduce the payments -- or i shouldn't say the payments, never eliminate a credit card you're not using. it changes your loan-to-value ratio and ups the costs you're going to get on your mortgage. >> if you go in on it with the partner and the partner has bad credit and you have good credit, it's going to affect your score.
9:18 am
>> get rid of the partner. that will ruin it for both of you. >> maybe you don't need the house. >> let's not go too far. >> how cdo you lower? how do i lower my closing costs. >> two people you hit on, lender -- you can have one lender match another lender's closing costs. that can save you 1%. the other person vulnerable in today's market, you hit on your seller, very often, sellers will absorb some of the closing costs or absorb all of them. the key is when you ask -- the time to ask the seller to take that hit is when you're close on price, he can taste the deal but he doesn't have it in his hands. that's when you say, what can you do on the closing costs. most will roll over and pay for it. >> fun to watch him roll over. >> no, depends on -- >> look at him roll over, oh, he's so cute. sit up, beg. the question most people ask is how low should i go with my opening bid? >> can i tell you, it depends
9:19 am
entirely on how well priced the home is. if it's overpriced by 20%, knock another 10% off and go in with an undercut by 30%. well priced, low balling, get a door slammed in your fail. go in 5% to 10% below what they're asking. >> get a sense of the first question looking at the comparables. >> the comparables are the key. you have to have the facts in your hands, but not just the actual sales prices but translate it by how much per foot. there's a great equalizer. how much per foot will i pay for this house. it takes away the emotion and you can do the analysis in a clear-headed way. >> speak. >> that's enough. >> all right. bosh are a corcoran. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> good to see you. coming up, actor blair underwear tells us about "the event," the new show appearing this fall on nbc. first, these messages. meanwhile, 3-year-old axel rode his first carousel at sea. taylor from florida went surfing
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welcome back, blair underwood stars in a brand new nbc show this fall. the event promises to be an emotional high-octane conspiracy thriller where a band of strangers are mysteriously connected and he plays the newly elected mr. president. he's busy with books. he's mr. amazing, shall i say, blair. thank you so much for joining us. >> my brother's biggest crush, you are. >> oh, yeah. >> thanks a lot. whatever. >> it's about you, mister. so how does it feel to play the president? >> i got to tell you, i'm having more fun than i expected. it's the president of the united states. but i realized every time i moved, 20 secret services would move with me. i started messing with them. >> that's how the fans follow
9:23 am
these two. the show, a mix-up, "lost," sci-fi, mystery. >> "24" meets "lost." political thriller conspiracy with undertones. it's hot. >> you've gotten involved in something called a "vook". >> we have a book coming out, "from capetown with love" comes out tomorrow, a vook is a visual book. a vook -- you read it and watch it. go to >> it's hard to do in your car. >> no, no -- >> if you're driving. >> on an iphone you can. >> not if you're driving. >> there are laws against that. i forgot about that law. >> with the event, you are -- you came to prominence with l.a. law. those are one of the must-see tv shows on this network. now you're going to be in -- no pun intended, a big event show again. how does it feel coming back? >> it feels great. jimmy smits' show got picked up.
9:24 am
we were both lawyers 20 years ago. he's the supreme court justice and i play the president. >> can always come back home. >> that's proof. >> congratulations. you're proud of it. called "the event". >> mondays at 9:00. >> check out the vook "capetown with love". >> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> much more coming up. include -- >> the best new computers from ipads to lap tops to desk tops, how much should you spend and what are you looking for? we'll have the breakdown. >> perfect for your vook. >> exactly right. watch you. >> thank you so much, blair. we'll be right back. >> quick and easy pasta recipes. first, your local news and weather.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. the body of a missing baltimore city man has been found in anne arundel county. but partly decomposed remains of the 31-year-old were found in a shallow grave yesterday at patapsco state park. he had been missing since april 9. his death has been ruled a homicide. our recent case of animal abuse as the chair of the anti- animal -- a recent case of animal abuse has the chair of the anti-animal abuse task force speaking out. the latest incident comes days after another dog was attacked with a machete. >> it is alarming to see juveniles committing these sorts of crimes, because there is such
9:27 am
a strong link between animal abuse and human of violence. the question is not really become whose dog will be the next victim, but whose grandmother will be the next victim. >> the baltimore animal rescue and care shelter deals with patients -- cases of animal abuse and neglect almost on a daily basis. they are pushing the police department to put officers to investigate the most recent attacks, including the pit bull attack with a machete and another pit bull attack on easter sunday. a nonprofit group that relies heavily on donations -- to find out how you can help the group or if you are interested in adopting the animal, you look on their web site, which we have posted a link to on our website, >> we are dealing with a little bit of rain shower activity. it will be with us off and on through the evening. was likely raining on your way home from work as well.
9:28 am
it will be unseasonably cool. high temperatures are around 63 or 64 this afternoon. rain in the picture on tuesday as well. a high of only 63. sunshine on thursday and friday. at high temperatures back into the 70's. >> another update at 9:55. ♪ ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o
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>> what? >> don't call me dad. you don't call me grandpa, not now. >> what should i call you? >> you can call me dad. >> you can call him michael douglas. that's the new film, "solitary man," a movie he calls poignant comedy, a man who has to face himself after he loses everything. we're going to hear from michael douglas tomorrow here on "today." two movies out. he's also on "wall street." ann curry with al roker and tamryn hall filling in for natalie. great to have you here. if you're fed up with your old computer, we have ideas for you. taking a look at the best deals in town with the help of the people at consumer reports and we ask the question -- what about that ipod -- >> ipad. >> ipad.
9:31 am
>> that goes to show you how behind the times i am. ipad. >> is it worth the money? >> yeah. >> well, it's about $600. >> depending on which one you get. >> expensive. >> goes up to the mid $8 hirkss. >> i want one. >> i know you do. brian, if you're listening -- following the kids that are going to be the class of 2020. this morning, the family of one second grader watching him fulfilled an american dream. and the kitchen, saving time by whipping up easy and delicious pasta sauces that don't require an entire afternoon of stirring and sweating but a lovely day of eating out of the pot. >> on national television, attractive for them to be hanging out of your mouth. check the weather. show you what's happening as far as the week ahead is concerned. earlier in the week, rain in the pacific west, below normal temperatures in the east. rainy conditions as well. midweek, above normal temperatures in the great lakes, rain in the pacific northwest, below normal temperatures in the
9:32 am
western coast, above normal temperatures from the gulf. above normal temps from the gulf >> it is going to be out rainy start to the work week today. off and on rainshowers, especially into the afternoon, and that will keep things and >> stunning. >> that's your latest weather. if you're in the market for a new computer but not sure which one's right for you. consumer reports is in the house looking for the best buys for new computers after this. ♪
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can lead to another. ♪ made with real fruit and now with more... of the whole grains your body needs. nutri-grain can help you eat better all day. this morning on "today's tech," the best new computers from the ipad to the desk top. consumer reports tested 120 of the latest and greatest computers here for the picks for the best buys out there. paul reynolds is the electronics editor for the magazine. good morning, paul. >> good morning. >> everyone wants to hear what you have to say. i'll get to it. you're starting off with the ipad, greatly debated as the
9:37 am
best invention of the year. what do you think? >> it's almost like more or less like a large smart phone, kind of like an iphone without the phone part of it. what it's doing is it's got some features, the large touch pad, large touch screen is great. and in many ways some of the things you do on your iphone you can do better on this. it doesn't have all of the capabilities of a computer. there's lots of room to buy a compact, a small computer because it doesn't have a full key board unless you get an optional one. you can't print easily from it. you can't get photos on a memory card slot. >> what type of person would need this? >> the supplement, the kinds of things you do on your iphone with apps and so on, take it with you, web surfing, e-mail. but not a full-fledged computer. it's more like a supplement here. >> if you're looking to supplement what you have, then the ipad is for you. >> right. >> what do you have next? >> this is a netbook. this is a same sized screen as an ipad.
9:38 am
ten-inch screen. these are about $300. so significantly less expensive than an ipad. you get a full physical key board as opposed to a virtual key board. and you get some more storage -- this has 16 -- up to 64 gigab e gigabytes. this will have 160, for example. a lot more -- more power to do things like word processing and maybe spread sheets and stuff. so this is a better choice if you're really using something as primarily a lean forward and, you know, computer for a student or something like that. and it's a fairly -- fairly -- it's compact and -- it's a pound heavier than that. but this one, the samsung is good. it's 2.5 pounds, good battery life. >> if you buy this for a student, will this grow with them. or would i look at buying a new one for my teenager in a couple of years. >> should grow with them. the price is not that high so -- >> you can replace it in other words if you need to. >> take a look at the lap tops out there. >> the new apple mac book.
9:39 am
this is a step up in size and price. this is a lot more expensive. pricier but get all of the advantages, you get a better, bigger key board. all of these mod else, by the way, have what's called multi-touch. i can't make it work perfectly. to show you, you can use the key pad to do some of the things that you do on the iphone, expand things, make them zoom out and stuff. >> macs were associated with techie folks, just learning, and getting involved in computers. if you're not aztec savvy as the next guy, the mac would not be for you. is that the case? >> not necessarily. it does well in the tech support. nobody has tech support like mac. that's part of what you pay for with the mac. >> alternative. >> toshiba. >> toshiba does very well as a low priced brand. about $500. this is half as much as this one -- bigger screen. this one is good if portability
9:40 am
is not -- it's not so much of a priority but price is. this is a fine performer. you get a bigger key board. if you're not lugging this around with you all day, a fine choice. >> $480. and a lot of people associate spending more with getting more. how do you wipe that out of your head when you're buying a computer? >> well, a lot of what you're getting may be that additional performance which many people may or may not need. and, of course, compactness too. paradoxically, these are more expensive, 13, 14-inch models of any kind are more expensive often than the 15-inch. it's more expensive to get that technology smaller. >> the desk top, it has not gone away. it's still alive and well. this is an amazing monitor that you have here. >> this is called an all-in-one desk top. these are moving where the monitor and the separate unit are going together now in to one device. in is an example of we talked about touch with the ipad. they're starting to put touch on to some of the desk top computers now. so this actually has a touch
9:41 am
interface as well. as well as using the key board. you can control some things with touch. and it's actually a nice feature to have an additional way. >> is that one more thing you have to worry about having a problem with later? >> it shouldn't be a problem. you do have to worry. a few issues. same thing with the ipad. smudges on the screen. you may or may not want that. but it's a nice additional function. and more and more, touch is going to start to get integrated in to more computers. you're going to get more applications that use it. it' really part of one of the trends in the future that we're going to see in computers. >> very nice, a nice selection. various price ranges perhaps for everyone. appreciate having you on. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> how one family is pursuing the american dream after this.
9:42 am
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taste. believe. it's not delivery. it's digiorno. she found the box. maybe 'cause you left it right on the counter. ♪ in our series "class of 2020," we're following a group of students from the first day of kindergarten to their high school graduation. now we get to know a second grader named carlos. seven years ago, the parents moved from mexico to the united states. as illegal immigration sparks passion across the country, this couple of legal immigrants are working hard to help their son live the american dream. here's natalie morales. >>. >> reporter: nothing says springtime like little league
9:46 am
baseball. 7-year-old carlos is catching on quick, learning to throw, measuring his swings. for carlos' mom, the day at the ballpark is not just a game. the fulfillment of a dream that started in her native mexico. cynthia was born and raise in guadalajara. when she was a teenager, her best friend introduced her to alberto. it was love at first sight. >> when i was with him, i thought he wasn't going to like me. he then like, i don't know, we went out and that's it. >> cynthia and alberto dreamed of a better life than the one they were living in mexico. after 2 1/2 years of dating, they married and moved to america. >> the plan was to make work and just find a job and make a
9:47 am
little money, go back to guadalajara and start a business. but when carlos was born, we decided it was better to stay here. >> how are you? >> when i first met carlos two years ago in kindergarten, he'd been speaking only spanish at home and knew very little english. >> six months later, he just speak english. in the first grade, he didn't want to speak spanish. he said i now only want to speak english. but now he likes both. >> pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. >> now in second grade, carlos is fully immerse in the language and culture of his birthplace and his immigrant parents are learning right alongside him. >> i want to learn more how to raise him, how to communicate with him. i'm always wanting to -- to know more. >> okay. >> black big square head. >> big? >> not humongously big. >> after a 12-hour day shift as a care giver, alberto spends his
9:48 am
nights doing homework with carlos. money is always tight, but alberto and cynthia have no regrets about their decision to move to america. >> i like it here a lot. i don't mean -- i see my life ending here. and i see him going to college and at a university. ♪ take me out to the ball game ♪ ♪ take me out to the crowd ♪ >> for carlos, it's still exciting every time he gets on base. ♪ buy me some peanuts >> for his parents, every day at the ballpark feels like a home run. >> i think we are living the american dream. ♪ >> and if you need further proof, the little league team carlos plays for, the yankee, of course. alberto and cynthia steadily working as legal residents in the united states and hoping to become citizens in the near future. you can follow carlos and the entire class of 2020 students on
9:49 am
a special page dedicated to the series at up next, you don't have to how many ways can you be comfortable? an energy efficient infinity air conditioner by carrier can save you up to 56% on your cooling costs, while also reducing your impact on the environment. which is better for where you live, and better for where we all live. turn to the experts during cool choices and get up to $1200 cash back on an infinity system by carrier.
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you're flawlessly matched and completely fresh. i feel so much better. live with roots, or get a boost? root touch-up by nice 'n easy. your right color. this morning on "today's kitchen," wick and delicious pasta sauce. he's won acclaim for his cooking school in northern italy. two toppings that barely require any heat and take basically as much time as it would boil the water. >> the only thing to cook is the pasta. uncooked sauces, great for summer, fresh, cool. >> i love sauces like this. >> one we're going to make is one with peppers and tomatoes. i want to show you how i peel a pepper.
9:52 am
it's important to peel the pepper because the skin is tough and kind of bitter. i cut the pepper open along the grooves and it's easy to trim the pith inside. the real trick is to use your peeler in a back and forth motion like this. you see how easily it takes the skin off. >> do you have to peel it? it's so time consuming. >> just a little bit. but it tastes a lot better. once you get the hang of it, it goes really fast. >> you put that inside. >> put the peppers inside, fresh tomatoes inside. >> those are peels as well. >> those are parsley leaves, this is unusual, milk. >> why? >> makes it creamier. >> nice little bit of salt. >> a lot of salt. >> oh, just a little bit. >> fresh pepper and olive oil. >> no olive oil. >> okay. >> all right. not right now. we're going to pulse this all together. >> it does look really fresh. >> what? this is really aromatic and
9:53 am
wonderful. and, so now we put it together with the pasta and i have some pasta that's cooked here. so we'll put it in the bowl like this and we're going to add the sauce. excellent. >> like this? >> just like that? >> perfect, pour it all in. add a little bit of cheese and the olive oil now. now we can put the olive oil in. >> oh, and by the way, the pasta is hot. >> the pasta is ot. >> the sauce is cold. >> kind of makes it sauce look warm, okay. this is ready. you toss it together. >> beautiful. >> and i'm going to give you a little bit while i make the second one. >> okay, sounds perfect. >> here's a fork. right here? >> i'll have some. because i love this. >> the second one is tomatoes with herbs. this is thyme, oregeno, and basil. let's put it all in. again, some good amount of salt. oil that has been heating up. and you can see, it's really
9:54 am
nice and hot. it sizzles. it brings the flavor out. >> you're not even blending this one. it's fresh -- >> you put the pasta in. >> hot pasta. >> the cooked pasta. you toss it in the last little bit. cheese -- mozzarella cheese. and you toss this in. and the thing is you have to cook the pasta a little underdone. because we're going to cover it up so that the cheese melts a little bit. >> smells good. >> then, i've got some here that's ready. >> so you basically let it sit there for a little bit. >> let it sit for one or two minutes. >> look at how that looks? it looks so fresh. >> can we taste a bit of it? >> hi. >> she wants a serving, baby. >> hey, giuliani. >> great ideas. >> this is a great thing to have for summer. great summer pasta. >> thank you. >> you're fantastic. >> thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. coming up, we've got the newest member of the joy fit club. >> also. >> okay. >> and jason alexander on his
9:55 am
public weight loss effort. and soon we will be able to have tamryn speak -- first your local news. >> we've got to go now. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. baltimore city police are investigating an early-morning shooting in the 6600 block of berry avenue in the o'donnell heights community. the victim was shot multiple times
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> we are off to about what start this monday pit off and on rainshowers with us through this afternoon and evening. because the clouds and showers, the temperatures will be unseasonably cool. the average high of 74 -- 63 or 64 this afternoon, if we're lucky. we will keep a rein in the forecast on tuesday as well. the weather will improve by the end of the week and clear up on wednesday. sunshine on tuesday and friday. high temperatures back into the mid-to-upper-70's. >> see you back here for 11 news at noon.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> yes some things get better the more they get together. mmmm... velveeta shells and cheese. the best side of dinner.